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An evolving resource for researchers about all aspects of British mural research. Below you will find published articles and notes and queries about mural schemes around the UK, with links to research hosted or detailed on other websites. This is also a place for researchers to post information about their latest work.


Cécile Brett,
Antonio Verrio:
his Career and Surviving Work
(The British Art Journal, vol. x, no. 3)

Brett Dolman, Antonio Verrio:
a Baroque Artist in Britain

(Old Royal Naval College, Painted Hall Autumn Lecture Series, 2017)


Lydia Hamlett,
Pandora at Petworth House: new light on the work and patronage of Louis Laguerre

(The Burlington Magazine, CLVIII,
December 2016)

Cécile Brett,
Revealing Thornhill's Mythological Scene at Hampton Court
(The British Art Journal, vol. xiii, no. 3)

Wolf Burchard, Illusion and Involvement: The Lost Baroque Architecture of St George's Hall at Windsor Castle (Immediations, vol. 2, no. 4, 2011)

Uploaded by kind permission of the author

Brett Dolman,
Antonio Verrio
and the Royal Image at Hampton Court
(The British Art Journal, vol. x, no. 3)

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